What Types of Insurance Coverage for Small Businesses Does Hiscox Provide?

Hiscox offers several types of business insurance, including multiple types of liability policies (like general, short-term, and professional liability).

Workers’ compensation, errors and omissions, and medical malpractice coverage.

Absences and mistakes: A form of professional liability insurance is known as an errors and omissions (E&O) policy.

In this case, it's more specific, and it's meant to cover complaints of shoddy workmanship or negligence.

Things like copyright infringement, libel, and slander come to mind. IT, accounting, wellness, engineering, real estate, marketing, and consulting are all examples of sectors that could benefit from this.

Temporary Obligation: Short-term liability insurance can help provide protection without the expense of an annual policy if your insurance needs fluctuate throughout the year (say, if you work on several temporary projects throughout the year or a single project that requires additional insurance).

Together with another small business insurer, Thimble, Hiscox offers short-term liability coverage.

Consequences of Unlawful Work Practices: Businesses are protected from claims made by employees about the company's employment practices by purchasing employment practices liability insurance in addition to a general liability policy, which covers claims made by third parties.

Lawsuits alleging discrimination, harassment, or wrongful termination are all examples of inappropriate workplace behavior that can lead to a lawsuit.

Umbrella: Claims that exceed your current policy's liability limits may not be fully covered, but Hiscox's umbrella policies may be able to help. In the event of a major claim, they can increase the primary liability limit of your general liability policy.
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