What Small Business Insurance Policies Does Hiscox Offer?

Hiscox provides numerous commercial insurance policies, including those for errors and omissions, medical malpractice, errors and accidents, and workers' compensation.

Insurance for Company Owners (BOP): Hiscox offers a business owners policy that combines general liability insurance with property coverage.

Damages to persons, buildings, and equipment, as well as legal fees and the cost of defending against claims, are all included. There's a limit of five locations per company for property insurance.

Compensation for Workers: Hiscox provides coverage for injuries, illnesses, and fatalities sustained on the job through its workers' compensation policy.

A worker would file a workers' compensation claim, for instance, if they were injured on the job due to a slip and fall. The policy pays for injuries and the wages lost while recovering.

Exposure to Risk: If a third party makes a claim against your company, general liability insurance will protect you financially.
Personal injury, property damage, and bodily harm all fall under this category. Liability insurance for small businesses or commercial liability insurance are two other common names for this coverage.

Lawyers' Liability Insurance: Professional liability insurance, in contrast to standard liability insurance, is tailored to cover risks unique to your line of work.

In the event that you are sued for negligence, this includes any legal fees incurred in defending yourself or settling the case. Errors and omissions insurance (E&O) and indemnity insurance are two other names for this type of coverage.
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