What Small Business Insurance Policies Does Hiscox Offer?

Hiscox offers business insurance for a wide variety of risks, including errors and omissions, medical malpractice, and worker's compensation, in addition to general liability insurance, short-term liability insurance, and professional liability insurance.

Insurance for Company Owners (BOP)

The property coverage and general liability coverage that are typically offered separately are bundled together in the Hiscox business owners insurance policy.

Injuries to people or property, losses of business equipment, damages to rented property, and legal fees incurred while defending against such claims are all included in this coverage. When it comes to property insurance, each company is restricted to a maximum of five different locations.

Compensation for Workers

Through its workers' compensation policy, Hiscox provides coverage for employees who sustain injuries, illnesses, or pass away as a result of work-related incidents.

For instance, if a worker was hurt on the job as a result of a slip and fall, the worker would file a claim for workers' compensation in order to receive compensation for their injuries. This kind of insurance can assist in covering your medical expenses and lost wages in the event that you are hurt in an accident or become ill.

In the event that a third party files a claim against your business, having general liability insurance will shield you from the financial repercussions of that claim.

Personal injuries, damage to property, and overall bodily harm are all included in this umbrella term. This type of coverage also goes by the names liability insurance for small businesses and commercial liability insurance, both of which are common monikers for it.

Expert Witnesses: In contrast to standard liability insurance, professional liability insurance is specifically designed to cover the risks that are associated with your particular line of work.

Included in this are the costs that are associated with defending yourself against a negligence claim or settling that claim. There are a few names for this kind of protection, including errors and omissions insurance, indemnity insurance, and a few others.
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