Hiscox vs. the Competition - Small Business Insurance Review

Hiscox is a specialized insurance provider that provides a range of policies that are tailored to meet the requirements of business enterprises and their proprietors.

For instance, the firm offers business owner insurance policies, liability insurance policies, and cybersecurity insurance policies as examples of the types of insurance policies that it writes.

Since its founding in 1901, Hiscox Insurance has grown to serve more than a half million clients who own small businesses.

Both Hiscox and Travelers offer a significant number of the same services. Either insurer would be able to provide you with coverages for things like a business owners policy, general and professional liability, workers' compensation, and cybersecurity, among other things.

You are able to submit claims to both insurers online. However, in contrast to Hiscox, Travelers does not necessarily provide all of the available insurance policies.

For instance, Travelers does not offer short-term liability coverage, and you cannot obtain it from them.

On the other hand, Hiscox is only available in 49 states and the District of Columbia, whereas Travelers is present in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Only Travelers, one of the two companies, provides insurance in the state of Alaska. Additionally, in contrast to Hiscox, Travelers provides coverage for farms and ranches, while the latter does not.

It is difficult to say which option would be less expensive when it comes to the cost. When looking for a commercial insurance provider, getting multiple quotes is essential. In the end, the solution that is best for you will be determined by the coverage requirements you have, your financial constraints, and your location.
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