Will your credit card work abroad? Part 2

Inform your bank of your intended travels. Giving your bank notice of your travel plans in advance lowers the likelihood that they will reject your international transactions.

Your bank is less likely to deny all of those purchases at patisseries if they are aware that you'll be in Paris for a week. They will be aware that it is probably safe to use your credit card. You're just acting like a tourist by indulging in as many chocolate croissants as you can.

Is using a credit card abroad worthwhile? In contrast to using cash, using a credit card abroad offers security and convenience. With every purchase, you'll accumulate points that you can later use to pay for additional travel experiences.

Purchase protection will also cover your purchases, providing you with additional security. How much does it cost to use a credit card abroad?

When using a credit card abroad, you'll pay two different types of fees: foreign transaction fees and merchant fees. Foreign transaction fees, which average 3% and are frequently waived by travel reward cards, are easily avoidable.

Diverse merchant fees exist. Fees have been assessed to me that range from 3 to 8 percent. I gladly paid a portion of these fees in exchange for the additional security provided by my credit card.

Many times, businesses that charge credit card transaction fees are in breach of issuer agreements. Unfortunately, consumers are powerless to change the situation. To avoid it, you can pay the fee, pay with cash, or shop somewhere else. Entering a fight is the last thing you want to do.

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