7 tips for using credit cards while traveling Part 3

Vacations and holidays are all about relaxing, so it’s unlikely credit card balances and bills are on your radar.

Find out what you can. You don't want to show up in a foreign country without a way to make purchases because your card wasn't issued by an issuer that was accepted there.

Asking your credit card company's customer service how widely accepted your card is at your destination can be helpful, but you should also check with other options. Make sure you contact your hotel, innkeeper, or concierge as well as your travel agent (if you're using one) before you leave. You can learn from the experiences of other travelers and locals who have used the same kind of card by reading online posts about their adventures.

It's a good idea to bring multiple credit cards on a trip, preferably from different issuers even if you only use one at home. You also have a backup in case one card is accidentally cut off or suspended for any reason.

7. Use sound security measures

Credit data harvesters will feast on free public Wi-Fi. The same goes for the PCs in hotels and cafes that anyone can use. Don't use them for anything besides checking the weather and the morning paper.

Looking to verify funds? Feddis recommends testing the mobile site or app provided by your bank or issuer while using your own mobile network. You can also call the toll-free number listed for the organization.

Velasquez warns against entering credit card information on unsecured websites. According to her, "my rule is that I use my (own computer's) secure network for sensitive transactions," adding that she would only use her phone for such a transaction in an emergency if she knew for sure that the transmission was secure.

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