Vietnamese securities "turned into a bear", the market capitalization evaporated more than 52 billion USD

The HoSE in the past month and a half has fallen by more than 20%, equivalent to a market capitalization of over 1.2 million billion VND (more than 52 billion USD).

The domestic stock market is experiencing many negative fluctuations in terms of both indexes and liquidity, which makes investors' sentiment even more pessimistic about the current trend of the market.

In the session of May 13, VN-Index continued to plunge more than 4.5% in confusion to 1,182.77 points. This has been the 6th consecutive week of decline and fell to the lowest price range since March 2021 until now.

The market "turns to bear"

The selling pressure of the market has mainly occurred from the beginning of April until now due to the negative impact from the drastic market purification and the not-so-positive movements of events in the world.

Vietnamese stocks peaked on January 6 this year with a total capitalization of HoSE of approximately VND 6 million billion. After that, this number tended to move sideways before plummeting to about 4.9 million billion VND as it is today.

In April alone, the market capitalization of HoSE has evaporated more than 484,500 billion dong and the first sessions of May lost another 729,000 billion dong. Thus, the largest stock exchange in the country in the past month and a half has fallen by more than 20%, equivalent to a market capitalization of more than 1.2 million billion VND (more than 52 billion USD).

Not only in terms of scores, the underlying market's liquidity also disappeared, only around 15,000 billion dong on HoSE per session. Some securities companies recommended to limit margin and stay out of the market, making the demand to buy stocks even weaker.

The pessimism, not daring to disburse strongly, is also confirming a bear market or as investors often call it a bear market.

Investors are shocked when the market plunges too quickly, with great and unexpected fluctuations. Accumulated achievements in the past 2 years have flown with negative trading sessions, even many accounts have eroded the original capital, "burning accounts" due to using too high margin.

The sound of "complaining for one's fate" appeared densely throughout the stock forum. "I hope the stock market doesn't fall anymore, it's so pathetic", "The bottom is around here, I've heard this phrase forever".

"I don't dare to eat, I don't dare to buy clothes, I save how much I invest in securities with the dream of getting rich, but now I have -53% of my account. My heart is broken".

"I don't dare to think about next Monday... when the stocks hit the floor 2 days ago on my account", "The market is so scary, fierce, the feeling of money evaporates before my eyes without my eyes. what can be done"...

Many individuals have chosen to keep a high proportion of cash waiting for the opportunity to disburse again or even sell at a loss to withdraw from the market. Some others choose the riskier option than participating in the derivatives market with the desire to "debug", but this is a very dangerous double-edged sword when high profits are always accompanied by high risks.

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