Stocks continued to be sold off, nearly 1,000 stocks dropped

VN-Index easily penetrated support levels, sellers dominated and pushed 340 stocks to the floor.

The stock market opened the afternoon session with high pessimism, selling pressure continued to widen across the floor and caused stock indexes to continuously lose hard support levels.

The hard support level of 1,200 points was broken very easily when investors were not eager to buy, even the sellers prevailed and made the index approach 1,180 points.

As of 13:50, VN-Index still dropped more than 51 points (-4.12%) to 1,187.83 points. HNX-Index dropped 16.8 points (-3.14%) to 305 points. UPCoM-Index fell 4.04% to 92.5 points.

There were 962 stocks on the whole floor that decreased, nearly 8 times higher than the number of 125 stocks that increased.

Foreign investors started to collect stocks when promoting trading. At 2:20 p.m., this block bought 2,330 billion dong and sold 1,990 billion dong, equivalent to a net purchase of 340 billion dong.

At the end of the session, VN-Index dropped another 56 points (-4.53%) to 1,182.77 points, the lowest level since March 2021 up to now. Meanwhile, HNX-Index was also in a series of plunges of 13.13 points (-4.16%) to 302.39 points.

The largest market capitalization group VN30 also fell similar to the market when it lost 4.38% of its value. This basket has 28/30 discounts, in which there are even 7 stocks that fell to the floor, namely BVH, GVR, KDH, MSN, POW, STB, TCB and many others close to the floor price. Similar to small- and medium-cap stocks, speculative stocks also plummeted from the morning session with hundreds of stocks falling to their full range and in the afternoon session were more heavily contested to sell at the floor.

Some stocks gained impressively, not to mention Vietjet's VJC which increased 0.88% to 125,900 dong, being the only ticker in the VN30 basket with green color. It is also the code with the best contribution to the overall market. Some other impressive individual stocks such as RIC of Hoang Gia International hit the limit, POT of Postal Equipment increased by 10%, DZM of Dzi An M&E increased by 8.7% or CSM of Casumina increased by 5, 5%...

The market was dyed in pessimism when the sellers were very aggressive and the buyers were weak. There were 987 stocks on the floor that fell, of which 340 stocks fell to the floor. The number of stocks hitting the floor price alone was more than double the number of 158 advancers.

Due to the drastic sell-off, the liquidity increased again, the total value on the exchanges reached 23,392 billion dong. In which, matching transactions at HoSE accounted for 19,616 billion dong, an increase of more than 40% compared to yesterday.

Foreign investors were quite active in the sell-off session when they bought 2,740 billion VND and sold 2,172 billion VND, equivalent to a net buying of 568 billion VND on HoSE, focusing on gathering FUEVFVND fund certificates.

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