Record inflation: Which country in Europe has been worst hit and how do they compare?

Europe’s expected economic bounceback from the coronavirus pandemic has been hampered by a number of factors in recent weeks, and every corner of the continent is facing rising prices.

Inflation for the whole of the European Union is expected to reach 6.8 per cent this year, as Russia’s war on Ukraine - and the breakdown of economic relations between Moscow and most of the rest of Europe - continues to hit economies.

The European Commission has revised the bloc’s growth forecast down, with the Economy Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni describing the cut in growth as "one of the steepest" ever done between forecasts.

Inflation in Turkey rises to 70%, according to official data, a 20-year high

Outside of the EU, the UK’s inflation rate surged to 9 per cent, its highest annual rate since 1982. Russia is facing inflation of 17.8 per cent.

Here is a look at the inflation rate in each country in Europe:

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What’s causing these inflation rates?

Europe and much of the wider world were already being hit with soaring energy prices - which contribute to inflation - before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in late February.


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