Foreign investors buy shares

Foreign investors net bought 1,700 billion dong, the strongest in the past three weeks, while the stock market continuously dropped.

VN-Index this week lost nearly 150 points in the context of increasingly pessimistic market sentiment, plus securities companies continuously recommended investors to continue to reduce the proportion of stocks and stay out of the market. In fact, domestic individuals have netted more than 3,400 billion dong and this figure is largely absorbed by foreign investors.

Foreign investors disbursed 9,750 billion dong while selling less than 8,100 billion dong, meaning the net buying value was approximately 1,700 billion dong. This is the strongest net buying in the past three weeks by foreign investors.

Foreign investors net bought three out of five trading sessions, in which one session was more than 700 billion dong. Fund certificates FUEVFVND attracted the most cash flow with a net buying value of approximately VND 650 billion, followed by DGC, CTG VHM, and NLG. On the other side, foreign investors focused on selling large-cap stocks like HPG and NVL.

P/E (an index that assesses the relationship between market price and earnings per share) of the VN-Index on the 10-year average, according to some analysis groups, is the reason why investors foreign stock accumulation. Vietnam became one of the few markets where cash inflows were stronger than withdrawals, contrary to many major Asian markets such as Taiwan, South Korea, and India.

Relatively attractive valuation compared to other markets and efforts to help improve the transparency of Vietnam's securities, as well as meet the standards for upgrading to an emerging market, is expected to attract capital flows. foreign exchange in the near future", the strategy report of Mirae Asset Securities (Vietnam) wrote.

Since the VN-Index set a peak of 1,524 points in early April, foreign investors have poured into the Vietnamese stock market nearly 50,000 billion dong and sold 44,800 billion dong, or a net buying value of more than 5,000 billion dong. . However, from the beginning of the year, foreign investors net sold more than 1,700 billion dong.

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