Crypto adoption in Europe lags behind most of the world - but this EU country is the most responsive

Europe is lagging behind the global average for cryptocurrency adoption but one European country in particular was the most "curious" in the world to learn more about crypto, a global survey suggests.

While around 17 per cent of Europeans have taken to cryptocurrencies, a percentage similar to other developed nations, they lag behind the global average of around 23 per cent.

Adoption in the US was 18 per cent, and in Australia 20 per cent. That’s according to a global survey conducted by cryptocurrency platform Gemini.

EU lawmakers back tough traceability rules on crypto transfers in fight against money laundering

Surveying 29,293 adults in 20 countries, the company explored awareness of cryptocurrencies, motivations for owning and trading them, general attitudes toward them, and barriers to owning them.

European countries surveyed were: Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Norway, 


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