The attraction of real estate with marina

The increase in the number of rich people is the driving force behind the development of ancillary industries such as real estate with marinas.

According to a report by Knight Frank, in the next 5 years, the growth rate of the super-rich in Vietnam will be 31%. It is expected that by 2025, there will be 511 people with assets over 30 million USD and 25,812 people with assets over 1 million USD. This is also the driving force that leads to an increase in the demand for owning luxury products such as beautiful houses, luxury cars, expensive fashion, yachts or real estate with marinas.

According to experts, Vietnam has a sea route of 3,260 km with a lot of potential to develop the yacht industry. It can be mentioned that the large-scale yacht exhibition Saigon Yacht Show 2021 was held in late 2020 - early 2021, with the participation of many world famous brands such as Lagoon, Princess, Galeon, Chaparral, etc. Regal, Corsair...

Recently, waterfront real estate (river, sea) with marina is also popular with the rich. Another report by Knight Frank shows that waterfront properties globally are currently priced 40% higher on average than products of the same size, utility, and construction quality. Looking out to the world, one can see luxury waterfront complexes such as Marina Bay (USA), Hillarys Marina (Australia), The Palm Island (Dubai), Marina Cove (Hong Kong) or Marina Bay Sand at the national island. Singaporeans have been chosen by many upper-class residents, from billionaires, politicians, to world-famous stars.

Foreseeing this trend, Novaland with many riverside and coastal projects is making great contributions to the development of the high-end real estate segment combined with a marina exclusively for the elite in Vietnam. One of the outstanding projects of this type of real estate about to be introduced to the market is Long Island - the next phase of NovaWorld Ho Tram in Ho Tram (Ba Ria - Vung Tau), which has the advantage of being located in the beach. unspoiled natural sea, bordering the forest, bordering the river.

"Many business people and celebrities have noticed the Long Island project right from the first visit, showing the attraction of this type of real estate. Understandably, yachts and a private anchorage are symbols of high-class living. of the upper class, who not only have financial potential but also possess a sophisticated aesthetic," a Novaland representative said.

Long Island is the 6th divergence introduced to the market by NovaWorld Ho Tram. The highlight is the villas surrounded by a lagoon canal system with a dedicated marina for yachts right on the doorstep.

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