vivo X Fold and X Note get excellent A+ scores from DisplayMate

vivo is launching two new devices this week: its first foldable, the vivo X Fold, and a huge 7” phone, the vivo X Note. Both were built with an eye on quality, especially when it comes to the displays – both scored A+ marks from DisplayMate.

The company bought high quality panels and materials. The inner display on the X Fold uses an LTPO panel with a 1-120 Hz refresh rate, Samsung E5 emissive materials and Ultra Thin Glass (UTG) from Schott (which also supplies UTG for Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold). The 7” 21:10 display on the X Note is also an LTPO panel with E5 materials.

DisplayMate writes that the vivo X Fold display has an anti-reflection layer, which increases contrast when viewed in bright ambient light. The 8” panel (10:9) is fairly bright for its size, reaching 807 nits at 100% APL (i.e. an all white screen) and peaking at 1,092 nits at lower APLs.

The panel is calibrated at the factory to achieve perfect color accuracy. It has a wide color gamut too, covering 142% of sRGB and 113% of DCI-P3. Testing found no image irregularities in the area where the display folds.

All told, the vivo X Fold display set or matched 19 smartphone display performance records, earning it that coveted A+ rating.

Moving on to the rigid vivo X Note, it set or matched 16 records and also received an A+ mark. This panel is noticeably brighter, hitting 996 nits at 100% APL and 1,426 nits at low APL. It is still perfectly calibrated and capable of rendering a wide gamut of colors – 141% of sRGB and 112% of DCI-P3.

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